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The Downloads are a series of digital audio training products you access through the GoldenMastermind Inc. training portal. Produced by Jeffery Combs over the course of his 21 years in business as a Success, Addiction Recovery, and Mindset Coach.

The tools and lessons in the Downloads are used by Jeffery, his one-on-one coaching clients, and professionals around the world to produce results in life and business on command daily in a relaxed body.

Order the compelte series for $267  to gain access to all Six courses in the Downloads series.

  • Confessions of a Recovering Procrastinator - 10 Hours
  • More Heart Than Talent - Mindset Series - 18 hours
  • The Psychology of Closing - 10 Hours
  • The Psychology of Asking  - 10 Hours
  • Mindset Consciousness     - 7 Hours
  • The Animal Factor              - 7 Hours

Each course covers specific business and sales skills.

In total there is over 60 hours of actionable professional development training that can be put into production immediately. As you progress through the series of training you will find yourself recalling the lessons to assist you in creating the results you desire.

Understanding why we do what we do, knowing the right question to ask in the moment, and when to take time to breath and re-frame your own mind-body connections is exactly what Jeffery teaches in the Downloads series. 

Coaching with Jeffery one-on-one brings a whole new dynamic to the Downloads training as he is able to pinpoint more specific details on why you do what you do and offer clear guidance on a course of action like develop a method of operation, recover one day at a time from learned conditions, and taking your language to the next level. 

Today with the Downloads you will gain access to the Members Training area and begin to master the skills for the game of life and business. 


Jeffery Combs

 To Your Success,

Jeffery Combs, President and Founder of GoldenMastermind Inc.