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The secret of success is self-motivation... a richer and more rewarding life is locked in the confines of your own mind! Now Jeffery Combs teaches you how to unlock these treasures in this powerful audio series.

This audio series will greatly assist you in achieving that entrepreneurial mindset that you require in order to achieve the success that you so richly deserve.

Your words are powerful and this training will provide you with a new, full set of language skills; it will show you how to master a whole new set of vocabulary designed to empower yourself; to get you into and keep you in the game for the long run.

This unique audio series has an entire area dedicated to prospirations. That’s right; not affirmation, but prospiration, key words to say to yourself that will allow you to prosper.

In Mindset Consciousness, you will learn:

  • Overcome adversity and create the reality you desire and deserve
  • Identify your beliefs and reprogram your subconscious mind
  • Create self-empowering situations
  • Let go of past conditioning
  • Live in the solution
  • Strengthen your self-image
  • Shape your perceptions

Develop your vision of your future and a plan of action.

Jeffery Combs Mindset Consciousness

The Downloads are a series of digital audio training products you access through the GoldenMastermind Inc. training portal. Produced by Jeffery Combs over the course of his 21 years in business as a Success, Addiction Recovery, and Mindset Coach.


Jeffery Combs

 To Your Success,

Jeffery Combs, President and Founder of GoldenMastermind Inc.