The Psychology of Closing

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If I was going to personify my Psychology of Closing digital audio series, it would be 007 himself, James Bond.   No matter what the situation is, James Bond is always prepared, confident, cool, in the moment, and as such, he always gets the girl; or in our case, he always closes the sale.

Becoming a master closer is much more than asking for the sale. Closing is a process and to get good at closing you focus on trial closes that lead with caring questions and get your customer to say yes over and over.  People expect leadership and they want to be led, do you agree?

Closing sales and creating results is both a science and an art. In this signature 10 hour audio program Jeffery breaks down the skills he has developed and perfected to create results in free enterprise.

If you choose to apply these principles, you will be a solution provider that leads your customer by connecting and closing.

In The Psychology of Closing you will learn to:

  • Master the art of asking.
  • Maximize your results with professional 3 way call etiquette.
  • Identify and close the four main personality types.
  • Effectively trial close to minimize objections.
  • Operate with a consistent “sense of urgency”.
  • Release your fear and stay in your power.
  • Neutralize the 5 most common objections to create sales now!