Gold Level Access

This intermediate package will assist you in mastering the inner game that is required in becoming a successful entrepreneur. In this Gold Level Access, Jeffery breaks down the art of connecting, developing your millionaire mind and moving from inspiration to transformation.

What You Receive:

Silver Level Access  PLUS...

More Heart Than Talent - Masters

The Masters is a 10-CD audio series that contains over ten hours of information to take you from inspiration to transformation as you hear from seven of today’s top wealth creation experts, including Jeffery Combs, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, and John Assaraf!

Prospecting From the Heart
In this 8-CD audio program, Jeffery Combs reveals his secrets to creating multiple 7 figure income results and teaches you how to implement the same skills and strategies he uses each and every day to create the results you desire in your enterprise.   The information in this program is designed to assist you to create internal transformations so you can prospect and connect effortlessly from your heart!
Mindset Consciousness
The secret of success is self-motivation.. a richer and more rewarding life is locked in the confines of your own mind! Now, Jeffery Combs teaches you how to unlock these treasures in this powerful 8-CD series. Learn to develop the type of mindset to create the life you deserve and to Create it on Demand!
Psychology of Prospecting
Prospecting and creating results is both a science and an art. In this powerful 8-CD audio program Jeffery Combs teaches you the skills he has developed and perfected to create multiple seven figure income results so that you can become a Master Prospector now!

Two Single Audio CD's
- 7 Steps To Seven Figures
- Becoming A Master Prospector


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