The Animal Factor

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Understanding and communicating effectively with the four main personality types is imperative to achieving success. In this 8-CD audio program Jeffery Combs breaks down the four main personality types, explains their hot buttons, likes and dislikes, and teaches you how to connect and communicate with each personality to eliminate conflict and inspire collaboration!

Animal Factor introduces us to 4 Animals (Lion, Monkey, Owl, Koala) and their personality types.  Here is a brief description to each animal type:

  • The Lion: Aggressive, dominant, also known as Type A or Red color
  • The Monkey: Connectors, life of the party, also known as Blue color
  • The Owl: Analytical, thinkers, facts/details, also known as Green color
  • The Koala: Nurturer, relaters, also known as Yellow color

Once you understand the different types of personalities and their traits, you will be able to better connect with others.

In the Animal Factor, you will learn how to:

  • Immediately increase your sales and productivity by listening and communicating effectively.
  • Identify the “hot buttons” that motivate each personality type
  • Eliminate “personality conflicts” once and for all.
  • Instantly identify the four basic personality types to create instant cooperation enthusiasm and activity!
  • Understand your personal behavior patters as well as those of others.